Knocknoc reduces the attack surface of your applications.

Close the door to brute force attacks and zero-day vulnerabilities in your network-connected assets with Knocknoc.

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Who's There?

Say hello to Knocknoc: a secure authentication gateway for your entire organisation and associates. Facilitate safe passage from the edge of your network to assets you want protected from the Internet.

Prevent zero-day compromise and reduce your attack surface on internet facing applications.

You can't patch fast enough. Reduce your attack surface.

"To say that our solution to cybersecurity is at least in part - "patch faster, fix faster" - that is a failed model. It is a model that does not account for the capability and the acceleration of the adversaries we're up against"

We’re not saying don’t patch, but it’s an unwinnable war. Between critical severity vulnerabilities in the middle of the night to impossibly unmaintainable legacy software, Knocknoc gives you the best chance of protecting your network.

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SSO to open a port? Yes!

When a major TV station needed access to specialist video flows, Knocknoc was there to help. Users were able to use the existing SSO infrastructure, and then easily have the video feed start working only for the time they are allocated. This utilised the scripting backend of Knocknoc, allowing for ultimate customisation.

Q&A for Knocknoc

Who is Knocknoc for?

Knocknoc is for any company that has Internet-facing applications or systems that would benefit from restricted access. Restricting access is the only way to ensure a reduced attack surface, and prevent hackers from hammering away on your sensitive applications or systems.

Knocknoc is designed to work with many web servers and load balancers immediately. It also has a flexible scripting backend, allowing for compatibility with almost any system. Knocknoc also utilises cross-platform agents with straightforward and simple networking requirements. From clouds to firewalls, Knocknoc has you covered.

Knocknoc can completely replace your VPN, allowing users to securely use protocols like SSH or HTTPS without exposing them to the internet. For others, Knocknoc works alongside their VPN, providing a more fine-grained solution than traditional VPNs allow.

Knocknoc is cheaper to deploy than VPNs and other zero-trust solutions, requiring no client side agent. Preventing zero day or “slow-to-patch” vulnerabilities speaks for itself – no one can afford to be hacked.

Knocknoc is an Australian start-up, founded by industry veterans with a combined four decades of experience deploying managed firewalls and web applications.