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A Knocsmith is the official title given to those who complete the associated training course.

The Knocsmith certification programme will allow partners and customers to have someone they can rely on for support and design for Knocknoc rollouts, and really equip customers with the knowledge on how to properly use the product.

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Knocsmith certification provides you with the knowledge required to understand and operate Knocknoc to its fullest potential.

Being Knocsmith certified means you will be able to reduce your customers’ attack surface and implement strategies to mitigate the threat of zero-day vulnerabilities and brute-force attacks.

Knocsmith training covers:

Knocsmith training sessions are conducted regularly and can be performed in-person or online. The Knocsmith programme is a one-day course with pricing options starting from USD$1500. Participants will be awarded a certificate upon completion.ย 

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