Legacy Systems Need Security Too

Legacy Systems Need Security Too
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A major corporation, following the acquisition of a smaller company, inherited a suite of legacy hosted software along with an outdated and vulnerable intranet system. This legacy system was fraught with remote exploits and constantly under attack, posing a significant risk to the corporation’s data security and operational integrity.


The primary challenges faced by the corporation were:

  1. Securing Vulnerable Legacy Systems: The acquired intranet was riddled with security vulnerabilities that couldn’t be immediately patched or updated.
  2. Ensuring Business Continuity: It was crucial to maintain access to these legacy systems while a more secure and modern solution was being developed.
  3. Transitioning to New Systems: The corporation needed time to migrate and update the intranet without risking business operations or data security.


Knocknoc was deployed as a strategic solution to address these challenges. The implementation included:

  1. Immediate Lockdown of Legacy Systems: Knocknoc provided a secure gateway to the legacy software, effectively shielding it from external attacks despite its known vulnerabilities.
  2. Maintained Operational Access: While the old system was inherently insecure, Knocknoc ensured that employees could still access the necessary tools and data to perform their duties without exposing the system to further risk.
  3. Facilitated Safe Transition Period: By securing the legacy system, Knocknoc bought the corporation valuable time to develop, test, and migrate to a new and secure intranet platform.


  1. Enhanced Security: The implementation of Knocknoc significantly reduced the risk of cyberattacks on the vulnerable legacy system.
  2. Uninterrupted Business Operations: Employees maintained access to essential systems during the transition, ensuring that business processes were not disrupted.
  3. Smooth Transition to New Systems: The corporation successfully migrated to a new, secure intranet system without any major security incidents or operational setbacks.

Future Prospects:

Encouraged by the success of this project, the corporation is now considering leveraging Knocknoc for other integration projects, particularly when dealing with the acquisition of companies with outdated IT infrastructures.

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