Medical Specialists save time with Knocknoc

Medical Specialists save time with Knocknoc
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A prominent ophthalmology clinic in Sydney, NSW, faced unique challenges in delivering efficient patient care. The clinic’s doctors frequently worked in hospital settings where they encountered issues such as poor reception and restricted access to computing resources. Hospital workstations were tightly controlled, hindering the use of traditional VPN solutions for remote access to patient files.


The clinic needed a solution that would enable its doctors to access and update patient files remotely, even within the constrained IT environment of hospitals. This capability was crucial for speeding up patient outcomes and reducing doctor fatigue, as the doctors were often required to shuttle between the clinic and various hospitals.


The clinic implemented Knocknoc and Guacamole, a combination that offered a robust and secure remote access solution over HTTPS. This innovative approach allowed the doctors to:

Access Patient Files Remotely: Doctors could log in from hospital workstations and securely access patient files stored at the clinic’s servers.

Update Information in Real-Time: Any updates or changes made to the patient files were instantly synchronized, ensuring up-to-date information was always available.

Work Within Hospital IT Restrictions: The solution worked seamlessly within the stringent IT policies of hospitals, bypassing the need for traditional VPNs.


Enhanced Patient Care: Doctors were able to provide quicker outcomes by having immediate access to patient information, leading to more timely and informed medical decisions.

Increased Efficiency: The reduced need for physical file handling and the ability to update patient records on-the-go significantly cut down administrative overhead.

Doctor Well-Being: Easing the burden of accessing and updating patient files contributed to reduced fatigue and stress among the medical staff.

Future Prospects:

Encouraged by the success of this implementation, the clinic plans to explore further integrations with Knocknoc and Guacamole to enhance other aspects of patient care and clinic management.

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